Brief Analysis on the Characteristics and Functional Requirements of Fireproof Glass Curtain Wall

2019-06-22 13:51:21

Fire-proof glass curtain wall is widely used in more and more buildings. Fire-proof glass curtain wall is widely used in closed shelter floor, closed evacuation staircase and partition of fire-proof zones in large venues. Fire-proof glass curtain wall is a kind of building component with certain fire resistance limit, which is used to control and prevent fire spreading vertically or horizontally to other parts of the same building. It has been widely recognized that building fire-proof zoning is formed. However, as a special fire protection product, if its design and material selection are improper, it may not form a real fire protection zone and can not achieve the purpose of reducing the loss caused by fire. 

Fire Rated Glass


Fireproofness of Fireproof Glass Curtain Wall

Fire-proof glass curtain wall belongs to passive fire-proof system, its main function is to prevent the spread of fire. There are four ways of building fire spread, including flame spread, heat conduction, heat convection and radiation, accompanied by the spread of smoke. In addition to the first way that the flame spreads the fire by directly igniting the combustible material, the last three ways are to make the combustible material be ignited by different heat transfer processes, thus causing the spread of the fire. Therefore, the design of fire-proof glass curtain wall is focused on how to prevent the spread of fire.

According to the relevant specifications, the fire-resistant grade of buildings is required to ensure that buildings do not collapse in a short period of time in a fire. Fire-proof glass curtain wall is a part of the building, its function is to ensure that the fire in a certain period of time after the occurrence of intact, that is, fire resistance. Therefore, the selection of fire-resistant grade in design should be determined according to the fire-resistant grade of the building in which it is located and the fire-resistant requirement of the part of the building in which it is located. Chinese style

Functional Requirements of Fireproof Glass Curtain Wall

According to the way of building fire spreading and the function of fireproof glass curtain wall, it should have the following basic characteristics:

1. Cut off smoke. That is, when a fire occurs, the smoke generated by the fire can be blocked from the burning side to the backfire side. This is the most basic requirement. Reasonable and effective blocking is the smoke generated by fire, avoiding chimney effect, controlling the spread of fire, ensuring the smooth passage of evacuation or effective refuge.

2. Fire-resistant integrity. That is to say, when a fire occurs on one side, it can prevent the flame from penetrating or appearing on the back of the fire for a certain period of time. According to the design requirements of building fire protection, fire-proof glass curtain wall should have good integrity. If a fire falls down, it collapses or fails to meet the requirements of the time limit for fire prevention, the fire will spread and the purpose of reducing fire losses will not be achieved. Chinese style

3. Fire resistance and heat insulation. That is to say, when a fire occurs on one side, the temperature on the back of the fire can rise within a certain period of time so as not to ignite the articles in the back fire area. If the smoke insulation is satisfied, the integrity is guaranteed, but because the heat generated by the fire passes through a large number of thermal radiation behind the fire-proof glass, the flammable material on the back of the fire burns, and it does not play a role in fire prevention.


Fire Rated Glass


Hengbao Fire-proof Glass Curtain Wall meets the requirements of GB 50016-2014 Fire-proof Code for Architectural Design and JGJ102-2003 Technical Code for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering, and meets the requirements of fire-proof or fire-proof insulation.

Advantages of Hengbao Fireproof Glass Curtain Wall:

1. The frame is made of thick, high temperature resistant and high quality steel.

2. Glass is crystalline silicon hard insulating fire-proof glass or partially insulating fire-proof glass.

3. Seals are (non-flammable, non-flammable) fire-resistant seals.

4. Use of high-quality adhesives for curtain walls

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