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Heshan Hengbao fireproof glass works Co. Ltd., located in Guangdong Heshan city Taoyuan town Chinese Fumin Industrial Zone No. 8 (National Highway No. 325 Taoyuan Road), specializing in: fireproof glass, fireproof glass non load bearing walls, hanging wall, fire glass doors and windows and related products research and production etc.. The company built a modern industrial plant, plant covers an area of more than 20000 square meters, the company has all kinds of professional and technical personnel and large domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, excellent testing facilities, provide sufficient protection for the development and production of products. Our company takes the lead in the development and production of spring fireproof glass door. It is beautiful and practical, welcomed by users and won national patent in one fell swoop. After years of development of robust, with advanced technology, professional development, modern production and quality first, people-oriented business management mode, Hambo successfully squeeze the forefront of the industry, and participated in the revision of the national standard of fireproof glass, with consistent quality products was named "China famous the brand", "the 60th anniversary Guangdong special glass ten brand", to become a member, China Fire Association of Guangdong Fire Protection Association, China Construction Metal Structure Association etc.. In 2011, through high-quality supplier GMC certification, in 2013 the first through the fire window "CCCf" compulsory certification, obtain certification, in 2014 obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 system certification. As of January 2017, Hambo has won the national "CCCf" type main product certification certificate 30 pieces, Chinese fire industry information online bulletin report 50, Sichuan national fireproof construction material quality supervision and inspection center report online bulletin 11, British standard, European standard, Australian standard, American Standard report 25, a total of 90 copies of the report covers 0.5 hours to 3 hours of fire products, and has the fireproof glass doors and windows with 16 patents.
Hambo produced by the series of fireproof glass products, spring fire doors, fire window, fireproof glass partition, fireproof glass door, fireproof glass completely conforms to the national standard GB15763.1-2009, GB16809-2008 standard fire window, fireproof partition standard of CA 97-1995 glass component standard of GB/T 12513-2006 and BS 476 Part22:1987 British standard, European standard BS EN1364-1:1999 Australia, the AS standard, all passed the test of national and international authority.
The products are exported to all over the country as well as Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan, Britain, France, Spain and other countries and regions, customers through the Ministry of public security of the people's Republic of China China website and fire protection products Chinese information network query we have passed the detection part of fire protection products.